Who we are

The Independent Police Complaints Authorities’ Network (IPCAN) is an informal network of exchange and cooperation amongst independent structures in charge of external control of security forces.  These bodies, mainly from European Union member states, receive and process complaints against public security forces, and sometimes, against private ones as well.
Today IPCAN brings together national counterparts from about 20 countries.


Objectives of IPCAN

We are convinced that the effectiveness of a rule of law is based, amongst others, on the existence of independent bodies with an impartial view on the activities of the professionals engaged in security missions. Beyond the organisation of Seminars and Conferences, we are also confident in the fact that a coordinated commitment between our institutions will carry on the values prescribed by the international instruments guaranteeing the fundamental rights of citizens in democratic States.

We call for the advancement of the status of independence, of impartiality and the powers of the institutions responsible for the external control of security forces in Europe. Our challenge will be to increase the level of demand, the level of independence and the investigative and advocacy capacities of the police complaints’ institutions in Europe” Jacques Toubon, on March 23, 2015 in Paris.